New Mental Wellness Platform Frankly Aims to Bridge Gap in Support for Adults in Texas

New Mental Wellness Platform Frankly Aims to Bridge Gap in Support for Adults in Texas

Frankly offers personalized Core Journey through yearly membership with support provided by board-certified medical providers, licensed therapists and certified Care Guides

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Frankly, the online holistic mental wellness provider, today announced its therapeutic platform is now available for adults in Texas, to provide the right mix of tools and treatments for mental health and wellbeing to those in need of support.

The 2021 annual State of Mental Health in America report by Mental Health America (MHA) found that Texas ranked as one of the US states with the lowest number of mental health services available for its residents. Factors impacting this include lack of personnel, lack of insurance coverage for mental health services, and the overall stigma of mental health.

As more celebrities, top athletes and business leaders continue to open up about their mental health struggles, it is clear we as a society need a better way to manage life. Our community’s mental wellness continues to be impacted by life stressors like inflation, physical illness and layoffs. And people have difficulty finding the right mental health services support.

Recognizing that millions of young adults are struggling with adulting, from managing finances to navigating pressures of daily life, Frankly focuses on normalizing preventative and proactive mental wellness. Clients have access to a care and support team within reach of their mobile phone.

“Mental wellness is a practice and discipline that people can develop. Just like going to the gym, we want every person to have the tools to prioritize self-care,” said Muhammad Lucman, founder and CEO at Frankly. “We provide an empathetic support system designed to set members up for success in both their personal and professional lives. Our goal is to empower people who may be struggling before they are suffering. We have created a judgment-free online care environment where it is safe to ask for help.”

With an annual subscription, Frankly members have access to:

  • a dedicated Care Guide,
  • unlimited mental wellness coaching sessions,
  • a board-certified medical provider, and
  • a licensed therapist.

These professionals create a personalized Core Journey plan with customized tools and activities to provide long-term support leading to lasting wellness.

“Often people have problems sleeping, experience a lack of motivation, or feel overwhelmed, without realizing there are tools available to address these issues,” noted Chelley Balke, Director of Clinical Operations, Frankly. “Our clinicians and expert Care Guides work with each Frankly member to fully understand their individual circumstance. We then provide evidence-based mental health support unique to each patient starting with proven tools and treatments and collaborating with the client to find the right combination for success.”

Frankly as a company and platform is HIPAA compliant and its staff are trained in the most up-to-date guidelines issued by Federal Government and State agencies. The Frankly membership is available without insurance. The 12-month Core Journey membership costs $249 with additional a la carte services available as needed for an additional fee. To sign up for Frankly membership, visit

About Frankly
Frankly is a holistic mental wellness platform that provides members with the perfect mix of mental wellness coaching and mental health treatment provided by board-certified medical providers and licensed therapists to empower every individual to heal and grow. We’re on a mission to give people access to guided mental wellness that’s always up-to-date with the latest practices. Follow Frankly on LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.